Susan Read Cronin



My work is figurative and narrative. I am interested in capturing gesture and feeling. I care about silhouettes and loosely modeled surfaces. Titles are important.

I keep a notebook of jottings and when I sit down with a germ of an idea, something surprising usually comes out. I never let stuff out of the studio that I wouldn't want to live with; I want to feel uplifted when I look at my work. I often like to make multiples that I rearrange and play with.

Part of the challenge of working in bronze is that I need to have a clear vision of what something will look like when it's translated from the initial clay to the final bronze. Bronze casting is a team sport and, at the foundry, I depend on others to make my art look good.

Besides sculpture, I explore other media like paper cuts, collage, photography, and poetry. A theme throughout all my work is play — whether it be with clay, scissors, photos, or words.